Post-Certification JCST TIG Fellowships-2024

Training Interface Group Fellowships Advanced Training Posts up to 49

Recruitment Timetable

Apply from 16 October 2023

Post Certificate Fellowships

Advanced training is now facilitated through post-certification JCST Training Fellowshipssucceeding and replacing pre-certification TIG Fellowships. 

Entering its second year of operation, the unique collaboration between the UK’s statutory education bodiesJCST, SACs and the specialty associations will create posts throughout the UK commencing on the 7th of August 2024 in the following sub-specialties.

The posts offer a year of intensive training or 6 months in the Management of Skin Cancer and are suitable for candidates who have a demonstrable interest in the specific sub-specialties. 

The fellowships will be open solely to applicants that will be post-certification or appear on the GMC and/or Irish Specialist Registers at the start date of the post. These posts are most suited to those applicants within two years of the completion of specialty training. 

These unique posts provide an attractive option for a flexible year.  The basic salary will be in line with Nodal Point 5 (MT05) and the Terms and Conditions of Service will be specific to the Trust that holds the employment contract. 

Applications are invited from highly motivated candidates who possess the necessary enthusiasm and commitment to capitalise on these opportunities. These training programmes are open to those who may, either from the outset or subsequently, wish to train flexibly (less than full time). 

The qualifications and professional registration requirements plus other eligibility criteria can be found in the person specification within the resources tab. 

You must apply via the online recruitment system Oriel which can be accessed from the 'Apply Now' button at the top of the page. When applying please ensure that you have completed all the relevant sections of the application form as missing information will deem your application incomplete and it will not be considered.  There is a strict application policy and you will not be able to submit your application after this time. 

Further details of the Training Interface Group, the training centres available and the selection process can be found within the Resources Tab.