Registration to Postgraduate Training in your Specialty

Plus Related Forms to be Downloaded, Signed and Returned

Every trainee within Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) is required to complete ‘Form R: Registering for Postgraduate Specialty Training’, annually. Without a completed Form R the PGME cannot register you on the Postgraduate Dean’s Database or with your relevant College. You cannot be issued with your National Training Number (NTN issued to run-through trainees only) or PGME Reference Number (DRN issued to Core trainees only). It is also a key document in the Revalidation process for doctors in training.

For Revalidation purposes, you will need to provide us with a copy of the following:

  • If your most recent job was a training post: latest ARCP Outcome form
  • If you have held any non-training medical posts: copies of appraisal summary/evidence and the name/contact details of your Responsible Officer
  • If you have not undertaken an appraisal or do not have an ARCP Outcome Form: Name/contact details of your previous Responsible Officer
  • If your last post was outside the UK: Evidence to confirm this and any evidence of any appraisal or performance review

Once the PGME has received a trainee’s Form R and any documents required for the purpose of revalidation, these documents must be forwarded to the relevant College to complete the registration process. The PGME will send you a copy of your completed Form R.

Please download Form R and the Conditions of Joining and return both documents completed and signed, together with a passport sized colour photograph (signed and dated on the back), to the appropriate address below, once you have been allocated to a programme:

Form R

Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme

Please use the following clip to enable you to have a full understanding of the induction and new starter process within your relevant Trust.

Please sign and return relevant forms either by email or post to the relevant programme management team.

Registering for Postgraduate Training


Registering for GP Training