We are committed to the personal and professional development of our trainees in a patient centred environment. Our trainees not only interact in training programmes within the United Kingdom but also have attachments around the world. More importantly our patients also travel widely abroad – consider the recent flu pandemic. To this end we recognise we are global and not just the south west. Severn Postgraduate Medical Education also have an enthusiastic group of personnel who are in charge of our Green Policy.

There is an amazing energy and potential in our trainees and our job will be to inspire you to fulfil that potential. We have a talented and committed faculty of clinicians and educators who pride themselves in their own professional excellence, and will ensure that Severn Trainees are supported to become the next generation of highly skilled doctors and dentists. Severn Postgraduate Medical Education has approximately 2,300 trainees across the area. We have a vibrant Foundation, Primary Care, Academic as well as 10 other Postgraduate Speciality Schools. Do explore our website to discover more about us and how we can help you to fulfil your potential.

Our "Magnificent Seven" Values

  • Striving for Excellence - in everything we do to ensure superior patient care and the best medical education
  • Working Together - building relationships and trust for the long term
  • Integrity and Honesty - we can be relied on to be plain speaking and truthful
  • Empowering - respecting individuality, promoting learning and developing people to achieve their full potential
  • Leadership – inspiring, enabling and supporting
  • Being Courageous and Judicious - making the difficult decisions well and taking positive risks
  • Creativity and Innovation - actively encouraging new ways of doing things and being at the forefront of medical education