Leading as a Trainee: A Clinical Leadership Workshop for ST3-5 Trainees

Category: Training - Other

Date: March 6th 2025 9:00am until 3:00pm

Location: Zoom


Course ID: SW24-063


Associated Ladders of Learning:

  • 6 - Leadership
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This workshop provides an introduction to leadership from the perspective of trainees. It will be most relevant to those who have had little experience with leadership training in the past. It will be an interactive, reflective day providing an understanding of clinical leadership, its role within the NHS, and practical actions for trainees development. 


  1. Importance of clinical leaderships and the underlining evidence base
  2. Reflect and identify skills and qualities of a leader
  3. Influence of rank and power in working relationships and systems
  4. The importance of inclusive leadership
  5. Leadership models and styles
  6. Recognise own preferences and strengths and those of others
  7. Conflict situations and learn different approaches to managing conflict
  8. Compassionate leadership and what it means in practice
  9. Increase knowledge of further opportunities available for leadership development 


ST3, ST4, ST5

Course Length:

This is a one-day course, starting at 09:00 and finishing at 15:00.


Online via Zoom

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