Immersive training is defined as having focussed endoscopy training over a block of time to improve competency levels within a relative short timeframe. This is an opportunity to increase endoscopy numbers and skills in an external supportive environment in a timely manner. Immersion is provided as an addition, not as a replacement for, training received at the employing endoscopy unit.

·         Scope

Trainee access to the provision of immersion training in SW Academies.

Regional SpR’s will rotate into the academy units for immersion training; 8–12-point training lists will be provided (3-5 per week). Points allocation will be dependent on trainee competency levels but will usually be 8 points Cheltenham Endoscopy Academy.

Cheltenham academy build was completed in June 2022Cheltenham academy will offer immersion training time to one SpR trainee and one Clinical Endoscopist at a time. One of the trainees will be trained in gastroscopy, the other in colonoscopy.

Torbay Endoscopy Academy
Torbay academy has confirmed plans to build a 4th room to accommodate immersive training. Work is expected to start in Jan 2023

Identification of Endoscopy Trainees and Clinical Endoscopists

SWETA is developing a central list of SW SpRs and regional Clinical Endoscopists along with their training requirements, experience, and sub-speciality interest. SWETA will then prioritise trainees based on experience and need. There are plans for JAG (Joint Advisory Group) to develop Academy level access within JETS to automate this process.

Local academy leads will be involved at an early stage of identifying trainees as this will help support the planning for the immersion training period and ensure that specific training needs are accommodated.