Position statement re trainee on-call shifts immediately prior to rotating hospital trusts

Health Education England, South West would not expect a doctor in training to be on-call the evening or night before rotation to a new hospital trust the following day. Trainees should be able to attend induction at a new hospital trust on their first day. If the published rota of the current hospital unintentionally allocates an evening or night shift to a rotating trainee, then all reasonable steps should be taken to re-allocate the shift to a doctor staying within the trust.

The process should be led by the trainee, supported by supervisors, the DME and the FPD

Should the rare situation arise where there is no alternative option, the DME’s/FPD’s from each trust should discuss how induction can be facilitated for the affected doctor within an appropriately safe timeframe and the Deanery should be informed via Rose Hill, PA to Dean - Head of Education