In July 2019, NHS Employers, the British Medical Association and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) agreed to reflect provisions in the terms and conditions of service for NHS Doctors and Dentists in Training (England) for additional mileage/expenses for GP trainees. This provision allowed doctors working in GP practices to be reimbursed for certain travel costs where they may be required to use their personal vehicle for home visits.


Schedule 11 para 16 within the T&Cs states: 

Doctors working in a GP practice setting who are required to use their own vehicle on the expectation that home visits may be required to be undertaken shall be reimbursed for the cost of mileage from home to principal place of work, and any associated allowances.


NHS Employers published their guidance on the 27th November and this is available here .


Eligibility Criteria


  • The provision is restricted to doctors working in GP practice(s) who are required to use their own vehicle for home visits when working is a GP placement only.
  • Claims under this provision can be made where there is a clearly defined expectation that a home visit will be undertaken which should be reflected in the personalised work schedule
  • The claim will cover the cost of home to place of work and return journey
  • The reserve rate of 28 p per mile will apply
  • On days where doctors working in a GP Practice are not expected to undertake home visits, they will need to determine their eligibility for excess mileage against the HEE Relocation and Associated Expenses Policy.
  • No deduction of normal commuting costs from value of mileage of claims.  As such, reimbursement of claims will be treated as a taxable benefit.


Note: - HEE will reimburse cost of mileage and associated expenses for an average of three days a week during the reference period/rotation.  A Practice may reimburse trainees if they wish them to undertake more than the three-day home visit average, but this will not be reimbursed by HEE.


Submission and Processing of Claims


HEE SW has agreed a process with the Lead Employers for the processing of claims as follows: -

  • Doctors eligible under this provision will complete the ‘GP Home Visit Mileage’ claim form associated with their Lead Employer (forms are accessible via the related links below)
  • The claim form must be completed in full and submitted monthly to a nominated individual within the GP Practice (Practice Manager, GP trainee supervisor or other member with delegated authority) to validate the claim. 
  • Once the nominated individual within the practice has validated the claim, they will send the form to the Lead Employer for reimbursement to the GP trainee.  The Lead Employer e-mail address is contained on the claim form.
  • Claims must be submitted monthly and received by the Lead Employer within three months from the last day of the claim period.