How to Apply for a mentor.


We will be accepting 'Registration of Interest' forms to receive a mentor from Tuesday 1st August 2023.

Please note, we are currently not advertising or accepting applications for Mentoring courses. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at:


If you would like to have a mentor, please complete this form.

This will give the coordinator some information about yourself and an idea of the kind of mentor you are seeking to help the matching process. Filling in a form does not commit you to joining the scheme, and any information you give will remain confidential. 


What happens next:

Once you have been matched to a mentor, you will receive an introductory email and a copy of the Mentoring Agreement for you to complete and send to your mentor. Your mentor will contact you to arrange your first mentoring session once the complete agreement is received. 


The first meeting:

The first few meetings are an opportunity for the mentee and mentor to get to know each other, develop their relationship and build trust.

Meetings can be held face to face or virtually.

If you decide to meet face to face, it will usually take place in a neutral setting which is informal and where you will not be interrupted. 

Meeting frequency is agreed between the mentee and mentor but are typically held monthly and last for about an hour. 


For more information, please see the Mentee Information Page.