Surgical Simulation and Non-Technical Skills Fellow


Recruitment Timetable

Apply from 10 May 2021
Closing date 31 May 2021

The Severn School of Surgery is delighted to announce a training secondment opportunity to work with our Lead for Skills and Courses to be the focus for simulation training across all the School of Surgery.


This is a 12-month position starting 6th October 2021 and the successful candidate will have 40% of their time (i.e. two days a week) protected for Simulation and Non-Technical Skills Fellowship. 

The remaining sessions (0.6 WTE) will be spent working in the existing clinical speciality and participating in contractually agreed out of hours work with their employer. 


To be eligible you must be a Higher Specialty Trainee (ST3+) within the School of Surgery.

One post is available to trainees that are working within the geographical area of the Peninsula and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education training programmes.  Trainees must be currently working, or about to undertake a rotational year of work, within the South West Severn training footprint.




The closing date for applications is 17:00 on Monday 31st May 2021

Interviews will be held on Wednesday 23rd June 2021


The application form is available here


If you require further information, please email in the first instance. 


We look forward to receiving your applications.





The School of Surgery is committed to high quality training of core and higher specialty trainees across the South West.   Simulation training in all its different forms is key to this and remains at the centre of the principles behind the core trainees training programme and also in the provision of other training opportunities for junior surgeons.

This post (now in its 7th year) will work alongside the Lead for Skills and Courses (currently Mr Richard Bamford, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon) to be the focus for simulation training across all the School of Surgery.


The post:

Working collaboratively the post holder will continue a clear strategy in the development of courses and programmes to improve Patient Safety for both core and higher surgical trainees. There are a number of potential plans in process and a suitable scheme will be developed further depending on the fellow sub-specialty interest, skill set and experience.

There is an expectation that the fellow will undertake further postgraduate study in medical education/simulation or negotiated alternative during the post.  The Simulation fellow will participate in the delivery of our core trainee training programme teaching in clinical skills, simulation and non-technical skills training.

There is an expectation the fellow will organise or facilitate the organisation and provide teaching on:

- Core and Specialist Surgical Bootcamps

- Human factors courses

- At Home Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Training Programme and Surgical eLearning programme

There is an expectation the fellow will provide teaching on:

- Core surgical / core T&O surgical skills days (depending on experience)

- Core knowledge days

- Interview and communications skills days

- Medical education and teaching skills days.

There will be an expectation that the post holder will be able to attend relevant meetings on various aspects of medical education and patient safety improvement initiative and will be encouraged to submit research in the field of medical simulation to national meetings. The fellow will be expected to complete a report on their activity, outcomes and development of new initiatives at the end of their placement. 

The development of surgical simulation and non-technical skills programmes across the School of Surgery will be a key part of the fellow’s role and there is large scale scope for innovation and new ways of teaching and learning.

For service provision, the post holder will be accountable to Lead for Skills and Courses (Mr Richard Bamford) at School of Surgery. Also working collaboratively with all faculty but specifically Head of School, Training Programme Directors (all specialties) and Human Factors Lead.  The curriculum for the Medical training programme is laid down by external bodies, The Royal Colleges and the General Medical Council (GMC), as are the required methods of assessment and desired competencies. The post holder will be expected to liaise with trainers and trainees, maintain training records and assist in the assessment of competencies as required by the GMC and the Royal Colleges.


This is a 12 month position, starting on Wednesday 6th October 2021. All trainee applicants must provide evidence of support from their Training Programme Director (TPD) and their employer. The successful trainee will have 0.4WTEof their time (i.e. two days) protected for the Simulation and Non-Technical Skills Fellowship.  It may be the case that the estimated CCT date will need to be adjusted and this will be determined by the ARCP panel who will consider the progress of the trainee against relevant specialty curriculum. 


This post is only available internally – to surgical trainees within the School of Surgery (regardless of surgical speciality) that are working within the geographical area of the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education training programmes.  Trainees must be currently working, or about to undertake a rotational year of work, within the South West Severn training footprint. 

They must seek the approval of their TPD and employer before submitting an application and must be able to evidence satisfactory progression in their clinical training.


Fellow will report to Lead for Skills and Training and Head of School.

Appraisal and educational monitoring:       

The fellow will have an ARCP at the end of the 12-month placement to assess their progress against the relevant specialty curriculum.  In addition, they will be expected to submit a report on their achievements during the fellowship which should be submitted to the TPD and reviewed at the ARCP. 


Person Specification: Surgical Simulation and Non-technical Skills Fellow





Qualifications / Training




Full/Limited/Provisional GMC Registration


MB BS (or equivalent medical qualification)


‘Training the Trainers’ Course or similar

Simulation Instructor training course

Postgraduate qualification in medical education




On School of Surgery training scheme



Clinical Skills / Knowledge / Understanding






Clinical skills and knowledge appropriate for level of training and has completed an appropriate number of work place assessments or DOPS, CEX, CBDs and MSF

Log book up to date

Knowledge of Human Factors training

Undertaken audit or research projects in last 2 years.

Experience of medical simulation either as candidate or instructor


Instructor of ALS/ATLS/EPLS or similar

Other Requirements

Good communication skills, both oral and written

Excellent organisational skills

Initiative and motivation

Indication of relevance of this post and career development