Paediatric Cardiology

Specialty Recruitment ST3/4 2

Job Description


  • University Hospitals Bristol
  • University Hospital Wales, Cardiff


  • Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
  • Bristol Heart Institute and Bristol Royal Infirmary
  • University Hospital Wales, Cardiff

Anticipated Duration of Programme

  • 5 years

Standard Rotation

  •  .6/12 in Cardiff in year 1 or year 2

Information Regarding each Trust/Hospital on Training Programme

There are 5 National Training Posts in Paediatric Cardiology in the South West and South Wales Training Programme.

Eligible trainees need to have completed ST1-3 Paediatric Training or ST1-2 Core Medical Training supplemented by achievement of ST1 Paediatric Competencies (usually 6 months of general paediatrics and 6 months of neonates). Trainees coming from CMT might be considered at ST 3 level but those trainees would need to undertake a year of paediatric training to achieve ST1 competencies before commencing Paediatric Cardiology training at ST4 level.

The majority of the training is undertaken at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children where the surgical and interventional catheter services are based. During year 1 or 2 (ST4 or ST5) a period of 6 months will be spent on rotation in Cardiff.

Trainees will follow the 2010 Paediatric Cardiology Curriculum which is available on the JRCPTB website. Special Interest training is offered at ST7 and ST8 level and training in the following special interest areas is available within the training programme:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterisation
  • Electrophysiology, ablation and pacing
  • Adult congenital heart disease
  • Advanced echocardiography
  • Advanced cardiac imaging (CT and MRI)
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Fetal cardiology

Training in transplantation cardiology is not available as there is no transplant service within the region.

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

The paediatric surgical service is based here and last year 380 paediatric cardiac surgical operations were undertaken in the centre. There are 3 congenital cardiac surgeons, 5 cardiac anaesthetists and 5 further paediatric intensivists who form the surgical and postoperative care team. A full range of procedures is undertaken including Norwood palliation of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. The Paediatric Intensive Care unit has 16 beds and 50% of children on PICU will be cardiac patients. The paediatric cardiology trainees are closely involved with the post-operative care of the cardiac children and there is separate PICU middle grade cover so paediatric cardiology trainees do not look after non-cardiac patients.

There are 7 Paediatric Cardiology Consultants with the following special interest areas:

  • Dr Robin Martin - Catheter intervention, adult congenital heart disease, arrhythmias and pacing, inherited cardiac conditions.
  • Dr Alison Hayes - Advanced echocardiography
  • Dr Andy Tometzki - Catheter intervention, fetal cardiology
  • Dr Graham Stuart  -Paediatric electrophysiology, ablation and pacing, adult congenital heart disease, inherited cardiac conditions.
  • Dr Beverly Tsai-Goodman - Fetal cardiology, MRI
  • Dr Robert Tulloh - Pulmonary hypertension
  • Dr Gareth Morgan - Catheter intervention and adult congenital heart disease

There is a busy paediatric cardiology ward and in addition to the cardiology trainees there is one paediatric trainee and a paediatric cardiac fellow involved in the acute on call rota. There are further paediatric trainees from F2 upwards that are involved with ward care and the outpatient service.

Advanced cardiac imaging (MRI and CT) training is also offered by Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nathan Mangat, Consultant Cardiac Radiologists based at BHI and BRI with new scanners available for clinical and research work.

There are approximately 650 catheter based procedures per year across the paediatric and adult congenital services (400 interventions and approximately 100 electrical procedures).

Bristol Heart Institute

The adult congenital service is based here and there are 100+ operations undertaken per year and an active catheter intervention programme (200 + catheter procedures per year). The following cardiologists are involved with the adult service and cover the following special interest areas:

  • Dr Mark Turner - Catheter intervention and some adult acquired intervention (TAVI)
  • Dr Stephanie Curtis - Advanced echocardiography, pregnancy cardiology
  • Dr Graham Stuart - As above for BRHC
  • Dr Robin Martin - As above for BRHC
  • Dr Gareth Morgan - As above for BRHC
  • Dr Petra Jenkins (locum) - Pregnancy cardiology

University Hospital Wales, Cardiff

There is an active paediatric cardiology service based in Cardiff at the University Hospital of Wales. And this service is merged with the service in Bristol. Surgery and catheter procedures for children from South Wales are undertaken in Bristol but there is a busy outpatient service, fetal cardiology service and smaller inpatient service in Cardiff. There are four paediatric cardiologists based in Cardiff who offer good general paediatric cardiology training with most special interest training being offered in Bristol:

  • Dr Dirk Wilson
  • Dr Orhan Uzun
  • Dr Obed Onuzo
  • Dr Victor Ofoe

Trainees are encouraged to undertake a period in research and overseas out of programme training is encouraged later in the programme.

Further information regarding training can be obtained by visiting the Severn School of Medicine


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