Associate Postgraduate Dean - Performance

Deanery Appointments 1

Recruitment Timetable

Apply from 18 November 2015
Closing date 4 December 2015
Interview dates 22 December 2015.

Applications are invited for the position of Associate Postgraduate Dean, Performance (3 PAs) within Severn Postgraduate Education team.

Eligible applicants for this position will be working in a Consultant capacity or equivalent posts within the Health Education England South West footprint.

The appointment will be made on the basis of a part-time secondment to Health Education England alongside existing employment, for an initial period of 3 years.

Reimbursement will be made to the employing organisation equivalent to the number of sessions, to enable release for these duties.

It is essential that applicants secure the support of their employing organisation prior to an application being made.

A track record of achievement in training and education is essential.

As well as meeting the Person Specification requirements the successful candidates will also demonstrate the commitment and ability to:

  • Provide strategic leadership to the Performance Support Unit team
  • Promote and support excellence in education
  • Ensure that the quality of education and training for Specialty Trainees meets the standards laid down by GMC
  • Partake in the broad agenda of delivering the Severn medical educational goals
  • Champion equality of opportunity

Applications in the form of a CV and covering letter demonstrating why you are suitable for the role should be sent to:

Gill Murphy, Health Education South West, Postgraduate Medical Education, Deanery House, Vantage Park, Hambrook, Bristol, BS16 1GW or email Gillian Murphy by the closing date of 4 December 2015. Interviews are planned for the 22 December.

If anyone would wish to have an informal discussion beforehand, please contact Professor Selena Gray or Professor Martin Beaman.


Job Description

Job Title:

Associate Postgraduate Dean Performance for Professional Support 3PAs

Existing Grade:







Deputy Postgraduate Dean        

Accountable to:

Deputy Postgraduate Dean        


October 2015


Job Purpose

The establishment of the Professional Support Unit is an exciting and new offering from the deanery. Most doctors, at some stage in their career will encounter either personal or professional problems which will affect their performance and professional development. Early identification and management improves the chance of successful outcomes.

There are a small number of doctors who have serious and chronic performance problems that not only pose potential risks to patients but can involve considerable investment of resources in trying to remedy these problems, with varying degrees success.

This is a key senior appointment to the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education Office, to support the Deputy Postgraduate Dean in supporting trainees in difficulty in the Severn Region and the Postgraduate Dean in supporting other grades of hospital doctor requiring support across the Southwest.  The post is for 3 sessions at medical consultant grade and would need agreement from your Medical Director that this is consistent within your job plan.

The Associate Dean will be expected to work closely with other the Postgraduate Deans and Deputy Deans in Health Education South West in ensuring the delivery of a robust infrastructure and support for trainees in difficulty.

Key Dimensions

There are approximately 2200 doctors in training in Severn and the Professional Support Unit has a current active case load of circa 200 trainee doctors and 20 non training grade doctors, mostly post CCT. During the first 6 months of 2014 there have been 81 new trainee referrals, many requiring ongoing management

The post holder is responsible for managing the support budget allocated for specialist services required for trainees who require additional help.

Organisational Position

Assistant Postgraduate Dean Performance org chart 

Primary Duties and Areas of Responsibility

The Associate Dean will have responsibility in the following roles which includes predominately specific roles in performance and career advice, but also a wider role as an Associate Dean in the Severn Deanery.  These are summarised below:

  • Provide strategic leadership and management of the Professional Support Unit
  • Put in place appropriate policies and processes to ensure that trainees who need additional support are identified, and provided with support and guidance, ensuring the development of appropriate referral mechanisms from Trusts, TPDs and ARCP panels, and facilitation local resolution wherever possible.
  • Ensure high standards of documentation and recording of all cases.
  • Work with individual trainee referrals to ensure the effective assessment, and the setting of realistic goals for improvement, ensure that these are monitored and recorded, and that clear feedback, based on observable behaviours and with specific recommendations for improvement is in place.
  • Ensuring that individuals feel fairly treated, supported and that the outcome was acceptable
  • Help develop multi professional education networks and support quality management  working     
  • Provide support to the development of career advice through working with the career guidance practitioner.
  • Liaise with organisations that support trainees to ensure that there is provision of the full range of required services such as occupational health, counselling, language assessment and skills development and study skills.
  • Oversee the on-going development of a network of coaches/mentors in order to obtain progress updates on doctors referred to them for support.
  • Be involved where there are concerns around Fitness to Practice as appropriate.  Ensure the Postgraduate Dean, as Responsible Officer is supported in identifying trainees with potential fitness to practice concerns.
  • Deliver training interventions as appropriate on the effective management of performance and give presentations on performance issues and the measures available for their resolution to groups of doctors and other professionals.
  • Leading the Trainee Support and Performance Reference Groups
  • Contribute to work of Severn PGME through attendance at Senior Team meetings, and other roles as required such as, but not limited to, representing the Postgraduate Dean at Specialist Registrar recruitment and selection interviews for senior Postgraduate Medical education Office appointments, deputising for the Postgraduate Dean at occasional national/regional meetings.

Communications and Working Relationships

Establish develop and maintain excellent communications and working relationships with those Doctors referred to the Professional Support Unit, and those identified as being involved in the identification, management and support of those referred.

Seek to create an open, trusting relationship with all those referred where the interplay between work and home life is acknowledged and respected.

Work with doctors and a wide range of personnel across HESW and NHS in the South West.  In particular work closely with the Associate Postgraduate Dean in the South West Peninsula office to align management processes and policy in this portfolio of work.


The post holder will be familiar with the Microsoft portfolio of products and be familiar with data handling.  The post holder will have access to confidential information and be required to maintain and update information databases and systems as appropriate.  They must be up to date with information governance training.

All Job Holders are required to:

  • Work to Health Education England (HEE) values – Respect & Dignity, Commitment to Quality of Care, Compassion, Improving Lives, Working together for Patients, Everyone Counts
  • Adhere to HEE policies and procedures, e.g. Health and Safety at Work, Equal Opportunities etc.
  • Maintain personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the job, participate in appropriate training activities and encourage and support staff development and training.
  • Ensure up to date with all statutory, essential and mandatory training.  
  • Respect the confidentiality of all matters relating to their employment and other members of staff. All members of staff are required to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Comply with the Corporate Governance structure in keeping with the principles and standards set out by HEE.
  • Comply with the codes of professional conduct set out by the professional body of which registration is required for the post.
  • Ensure they are familiar with the Risk Management process, follow policies, procedures and safe systems of work, make known any hazards or risks that they identify and take all necessary actions to reduce risk. 
  • Maintain the prevention and control of infection and fully comply with all current policies and procedures.
  • Take responsibility for any records that they create or use in the course of their duties, in line with the Public Records Act and be aware that any records created by an employee of the NHS are public records and may be subject to both legal and professional obligations.

All Managers are responsible for: 

  • Assessing risks and implementing the necessary actions to minimise these risks within their sphere of responsibility.  They must also enable staff to attend the relevant statutory and essential training.
  • Managing attendance in accordance with HEE attendance management policies.

All Heads of Departments are responsible for:

  • Ensuring all necessary risk assessments are carried out within their department in liaison with relevant sources of specialist support and expertise within HEE.  They must also ensure that the risk management process is completed appropriately.

Budget Holder Responsibilities:

  • ensure, and confirm themselves, the formal confirmation of the final budgets
  • deliver the required level of services within the budgets set;
  • take action where required and work with others on agreeing budget changes as appropriate;
  • ensure that any financial problems or concerns are escalated to the appropriate level for discussion and action.


This Job Description is neither definitive nor exhaustive and is not intended to be totally comprehensive. It may be reviewed in the light of changing circumstances following consultation with the post holder. This Job Description is to be read in conjunction with all current HEE and HESW policies, procedures and guidelines.

The appointment will be as a secondment for three years in the first instance from the main employer and renewable for a further period of two years by mutual consent of both HESW and the post holder.

Person Specification









Knowledge and Experience



  • Evidence of strategic thinking
  • Proven leadership
  • Well developed verbal and written communication skills
  • Good negotiating skills
  • Ability to delegate appropriately
  • Evidence of good working relationships with professional colleagues
  • Understanding of remedial  training and occupational health
  • Significant experience of working in a medical discipline as a Consultant in the last two years         
  • Experience of handling training budget
  • Experience of committee work at a strategic level
  • Experience as Training Programme Director or College Tutor or Director of Medical Education or Head of School
  • Computer literacy
  • Counselling or coaching skills
  • Knowledge of adult educational theory and practice





  • Postgraduate qualification such as Member of the Royal College of Physicians(MRCP)/Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) etc
  • Current full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Higher academic qualification
  • Teaching qualification 

Aptitude and Abilities




  • Ability to travel to all parts of the UK to undertake visits to training programmes, and relevant conferences
  • Need to work with other Postgraduate Deans, Specialty Managers, Clinical Tutors/Directors of Medical Education (DME)s and Postgraduate Centre Managers
  • Comfortable with change
  • Team based approach




  • Proactive approach




Other Factors



  • Permanent NHS Consultant appointment within HESW geographical boundaries
  • Ability to travel within  HESW footprint


  • Research experience