Accessing Centralised Study Budgets - Specialty Course Guidance 

The following information is offered as guidance and is not finite or exhaustive; there may be other courses that would be accepted that are not listed here. All study leave applications should be discussed with Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director who will review the application against curriculum requirements and your personal development plan (PDP). This discussion will highlight whether the courses is aligned to curriculum and achievement of Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or whether the course is of an aspirational nature. Part-funding may be considered to support aspirational activity; however, approval must be sought form the TPD or HoS.

Please note this information may be subject to change.

Study Leave Course Guidance: Medicine

School Speciality/programme  Required /Aspirational Course
Medicine All Programmes  Required Regional Training Days
Aspirational Exam preparation course relevant to level of training
Clinical Leadership and Management Course
Developing skills for educational supervision
National Conference or course attendance relevant to curricular progression
National Courses and Events for Critical Appraisal Training
National Courses and Events relating to Human Factors Training
National Statistical analysis courses
Courses to prepare for consultant interview (last two years of training)
National courses in relation to research methodology
Core Medical Training  Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Practical Procedures Course
Aspirational MRCP courses
Registrar Ready course
Coding for Medicine
National Course or conference if linked to future higher specialist training intentions
Patient Safety Training Events
RCP Innovation in Medicine Conference
Society of Acute Medicine Conference (if international, then conference fees only)
Acute Internal Medicine  Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Aspirational Society of Acute Medicine Conference (if international, then conference fees only)
Focussed ultrasound/echo introductory course
Practical procedures course
Allergy Required Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Audiovestibular Medicine Required Certificate in Otology and Audiology
Aspirational Paediatric Aetiology Course
Communication skills course
Level 1 British Sign Language
Tinnitus/hyperacusis Master class/UCL
Dizziness for the Physician: Vertigo, Balance and Syncope
Deaf Awareness Course
Train the Trainers/TIPS
National Audit Meetings in Audiovestibular medicine (AVM)
Hallpike Symposium
British Tinnitus Association (BTA) Paediatric Tinnitus Course
Assessment and Management of Children with Dizziness (UCL)
Cardiology Required Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Required ST3 Cardiology-specific simulation course
Required ST3 - ST5 Core training in nuclear cardiology (acquisition of at least six stress and six rest studies, reporting of at least 48 studies)* 
Core knowledge in CMR course (including acquisition, processing and supervised reporting of 50 scans)*
Core knowledge in cardiac CT (sufficient to fulfill curriculum requirements, equivalent to eight half day sessions / 50 cases)*
Adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) ideally 1-2 week dedicated attachment in ACHD specialist surgical centre; or equivalent of at least 10 specialist clinics / ward rounds
BCS ACHD core curriculum course#
Heart disease in pregnancy (equivalent of 1 day course per year)±
Hands-On Cardiac Pacing Course (e.g. Liverpool)
Required ST5 - ST7 Leadership and management course
Teaching skills course
EEGC revision course (e.g. BCS/Mayo, BJCA Cardiology to the Core) 
Required ST3- ST7 Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IRMER) Certificate course or online equivalent
2/3 of local provided formal core / advanced training days dependent on stage of training
2/3 of biannual BCS national training days
Aspirational Mayo course
Year in Cardiology
 ACHD course
European Society of Cardiology Congress (if international, registration fees only)
National cardiology imaging courses
Regional or National Echocardiography courses
BCS early consultant career course
Scottish Cardiac Society (SCS) annual meeting
BCS / Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow: Interactive Cardiology Symposium
London Shock - cardiac arrest, resuscitation and circulatory support
BHVS annual conference
BACPR annual conference
Public Health England: annual CV disease prevention conference
British Atherosclerosis Society (BAS) annual meeting
Cardiology in British Sport symposium
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Cardiorenal Forum
Heart UK Annual Scientific Conference
Scottish Cardiac Society Adult Congenital Cardiac Conference
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow: annual heart failure conference
West of Scotland Advanced Echocardiography Course
Edinburgh Cardiac CT Course
European Society of Cardiology (ESC) annual congress
American College of Cardiology (ACC) annual congress
American Heart Association (AHA) scientific sessions
European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) annual congress
European Society of Hypertension (ESH) meeting on hypertension and cardiovascular protection
Europeah Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) annual congress
The Heart Failure Association annual congress
ICNC - Nuclear Cardiology & Cardiac CT
EANM European Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress
EuroEcho & Imaging
PCR London Valves
Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT)
EuroGUCH meeting
Clinical Genetics Required Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Paediatric Life Support
Aspirational PGCert Interpretation and Clinical Application of Genomic Data
Cancer Genetics Group Meeting
Clinical Genetics
Cancer genetics training course
Cardiovascular Genetics Symposium
Counselling skills for trainees in clinical genetics
Fundamentals of clinical genetics
Dysmorphology Course 
National Neurogenetics Meeting
Teaching Genetics to Healthcare Professionals
Skeletal dysplasia instructional course
Bioinformatics training course
Teaching skills for trainees in clinical genetics
Management course for trainees
Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED) meeting
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Aspirational British Hypertension Society Hypertension Masterclass for Specialist Registrars
British Hypertension Society Masterclass days
British Pharmacological Society Workshop days – particularly including national registrar training days
Clinical Toxicology Day
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Clinical Pharmacologist Training Day
Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Regional Drug Safety Day (Yellow card centre)
National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) Continued Professional Development day
Drug safety training (Cambridge)
Clinical Toxicology, Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM)
Medical toxicology 
Dermatology Required Formal Teaching Course
Aspirational Advanced Communication Skills
Dermoscopy Course
Contact Allergy Course
Dowling Club Business Skills and Consultant Interview Course
Getting to Grips with Evidence Based Dermatology
THESIS (research training)
Histopathology Course
Psychodermatology Course
Cosmetic Dermatology Course
Essential Medical Dermatology
Biology of the Skin, Cambridge
Oro-genital course (including male genital and vulval)
British Association of Dermatologists Registrars Training Course
BSDS Surgical Training Course
Paediatric Dermatology Course
Photobiology Course
Endocrinology & Diabetes Required  Diabetes UK Professional Conference x 2
Clinical update (Society for Endocrinology) x 3 (covers endocrine curriculum over a 3 year period)
Structured education for Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) - Does Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) or Beta Cell Education Resources for Training in Insulin and Eating (BERTIE) training
Insulin pump course
Clinicopathological conference on Pituitary Disease x 2
Advanced Life Support (ALS)
GIM external course (e.g. acute and general medicine)
Aspirational British Endocrine Society x 2
US guided thyroid aspiration course
Gastroenterology Required  JAG accredited internal courses in Endoscopy
JAG Basic Skills in Colonoscopy
JAG Basic Skills Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy
Aspirational JAG Advanced skills in colonoscopy and polypectomy
JAG Advanced skills in therapeutic endoscopy
JAG Basic Skills in Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) (for ERCP trainees only)
JAG Train the Trainers Course
Attendance at one of the numerous national nutrition courses
Attendance at one of the numerous national hepatology courses
Advanced Gastroenterology & Hepatology Course
Annual Digestive Disorders Federation (DDF) Conference (BSG, BASL, BAPEN combined)
ASSLD or European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)
Basic Skills in Colonoscopy
Basic Skills in ERCP
Basic Skills in Therapeutic GI Endoscopy
Basic Skills in Upper GI Endoscopy
Hepatology Symposium
Frontiers in Intestinal and Colorectal Disease, Annual International Congress
Hepatology : An evidence based approach
Intercollegiate Course on Human Nutrition
Intermediate Therapeutic Endoscopy Course
Kings College Liver disease Masterclass in Viral Hepatitis (1 night stay)
Leeds Nutrition Course
Local Gastroenterology training programme
Local Internal Teaching
M1 Gut Club Meeting
Oxford Masterclass: IBD and Hepatology
Regional Gastroenterology training days
RFH/UCL Hepatology Postgraduate course
Training the Colonoscopy Trainers (TCT)
Trent Hepatology Research Meeting
UCLH Postgraduate Nutrition Course
British Society of Gerontology (BSG) Management Weekend
British Society of Gerontology (BSG) GUT club
Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Gastro/hep days
SETS (Screen based Endoscopy Technical Skills)
STIG (Simulation Training in Gastroenterology)
HiFIVE (Human Factors in Virtual Endoscopy)
UCLH IBD Course (Hep and Nutr are already mentioned)
General Internal Medicine Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Including regional study days, trainees will usually have to attend external GIM courses to achieve the 100 hours mandated by the curriculum. Suitable courses would include those run by Royal College Of Physicians, Royal Society of Medicine, Acute and General Medicine Conference (Excel) and The Society for Acute Medicine.
Aspirational European Stroke Organisation Congress (registration fee only)
European Society Respiratory Conference (registration fee only)
Genitourinary Medicine Required  Level 3 child protection course
Practical training for DFSRH
BLS course
Regional study leave teaching
HIV in-patient training
Aspirational HIV trainees club meeting
ABC of sexual dysfunction course
BHIVA - General Medicine for HIV Physicians course
Adult Sexual Assault Examination and Aftercare (2 days)
BHIVA Conference
BASHH Spring Meeting
BASHH Doctors-in-training day
BASHH STIs and HIV Course (10 days)
BSIG Microscopy courses (2 days)
Revision course for Diploma in Genitourinary Medicine OSCE (1 day)
British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) Masterclass in HIV
Revision course for Diploma in HIV Medicine (1 day)
Practical training for the insertion of contraceptive implants
BASHH Genital Dermatology course (1 day)
HIV Drug Resistance workshop
Research methods course
Teaching course
DFSRH sexual and reproductive health meetings/update days
FSRH Annual Scientific Meeting
Geriatric Medicine Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Train the trainers course
Management skills course
Research methodology course
Infectious Diseases Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Aspirational National Bone Infection Workshops or events
National Neurological Infectious Diseases workshops or events
Foundation course on Healthcare Infection Control (such as PHE or other)
Course on Healthcare Infection Control (such as PHE, HIS or other)
Medical Oncology Aspirational Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) Oncology course
Medical Ophthalmology Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Neurology Aspirational Neuroradiology course
Bath or Edinburgh neurology course (once in 5 years)
Parkinson's study weekend (once in 5 years - Manchester/Birmingham)
Epilepsy study weekend (once in 5 years - Manchester/Birmingham)
Neuro-immunology course
South East Neurology Association Meeting
Advanced communication skills training
Neuro-genetics course
Courses in relation to management of dementia
European Stroke Organisation Congress (registration fee only)
Nuclear Medicine Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
King’s College London University Nuclear Medicine Post graduate diploma qualifications
Paediatric Cardiology Required  Cardiac morphology course
Basic Echocardiography course
Management course
Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Ionising radiation medical exposure (IRMER) certification
National training days 4/year
Aspirational AEPC arrhythmia course
AEPC cardiology scientific meeting- (required in order to obtain European echo accreditation exam)
British cardiology society scientific meeting
British congenital cardiac association (BCCA) scientific meeting
Cardiac pacing course
Cardiology in the young conference
Specialist area specific courses (MRI/Fetal Cardiology/ advanced Echo)
Transoesophageal echo course
Palliative Medicine Required  Basic life support
Advanced communication skills training
Aspirational Research skills course
Ethics skills course
Interventional pain course
Advanced symptom management course
European Certificate in Essential Palliative Care
Rehabilitation Medicine Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Aspirational BSRM University of Nottingham and Royal Derby Hospital Course (£1000 total cost of course, divided by number of trainees attending)
EAT Course
Rehabilitation Medicine National Training Programme
GAIT Course
National BSRM Prosthetic and Amputee Rehab Course
National BSRM Spinal Cord Course
Renal Medicine  Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Advanced Nephrology Course
Aspirational Peritoneal Dialysis Academy
Supportive care for the renal patient
Applied renal physiology-UCL
Royal Society Medicine renal courses
Renal transplantation-UCL
Imperial Glomerulonephritis Course
Renal Association Advanced Nephrology course
Renal Association/British Renal Society annual meeting
Royal Free Dialysis Course - Royal Free Centre for Nephrology
PD Academy
Royal Society of Medicine Nephrology Section 1 day meetings (RSM)
Renal Pathology course - Imperial
Royal Free Renal Physiology - Royal Free Centre for Nephrology (Usu March)
Supportive Care for the renal patient (Hammersmith)
Imperial Haemodialysis course
American Society of Nephrology
Teaching training
Respiratory Medicine Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Aspirational BTS Course in Lung Transplantation
BTS Course on Pulmonary Hypertension
BTS short courses - Radiology/Ultrasound/NIV/Other
Respiratory Physiology course
Thoracic Radiology course inc. The Advanced Chest X-ray Study Day
Thoracic Ultrasound Course - London/KSS centres
UK Thoracoscopy and pleural disease course - National
EBUS course - National
Interventional Bronchoscopy course - national
Royal Brompton - Occupational Asthma course
BTOG - courses
Bronchoscopy Introductory Course
Cystic Fibrosis Course
Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease course (may be covered at Regional Training Day)
Safe Sedation Course
European Society Respiratory Conference (registration fee only)
Rheumatology Required  Teaching course – once during training
Management course – once during training
Good Clinical Practice course – once during training
ALS course / update – usually needed twice during training
External GIM training – 100 hours during the course of training – maybe through regional GIM days or other external courses
Regional injection courses – 1-2 per annum
Introductory ultrasound course – once in training
Aspirational Ultrasound certificate
Primary care training pilot
Sport & Exercise Medicine Required  Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Local Internal Teaching
REMO/RFU/Equivalent Pitchside Course
Aspirational Skills Course in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course, Oxford or equivalent (2-3 nights accomm)
UK SEM Annual Conference
Stroke Medicine Aspirational British Association of Stroke Physicians Trainees Course
National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) Certification
Reperfusion Masterclass
European Stroke Organisation Congress (registration fee only)

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