Professional Support and Development (PSD) aims to promote well-being and personal development for qualified doctors.


Accessing PSD is a positive step towards career enhancement. PSD can help practitioners to realise their full potential by providing support and assistance to tackle obstacles that they may be facing or during key transitions in their professional or personal lives.

It is well known that first class doctors are vital to delivering high class healthcare; indeed this is a key principle of the NHS. PSD provides access to a range of development resources which help to improve the quality of patient care through assisting practitioners to fulfil their potential and perform at their best.

PSD ensures objectivity and confidentiality for practitioners by providing an open and supportive service, which is outside employing organisations.

PSD builds on the successful Trainee Support service that Severn Postgraduate Medical Education offers to trainee doctors.

As the name suggests, PSD offers professional support for practitioners who may be struggling with challenges or obstacles which are causing a negative impact on their performance in the workplace. 

In reality, our support and development resources are not mutually exclusive and practitioners may benefit from accessing a mix of our PSD resources.

PSD is a confidential service that is independent from healthcare employers and external assessment services.

 The aim of PSD is to:

  • Provide practitioners with access to resources to support their career and assist them to reach their full potential.
  • Adopt a holistic approach in order to identify the broad range of factors that can impact on a practitioner’s professional development.
  • Bring together existing well-established services, materials and systems currently applied by Severn Postgraduate Medical Education's successful Trainee Support service, and develop new services to provide clear leadership, co-ordination and easy access.

Further information on the background and rationale for PSD, as well as the founding principles and objectives of the service, please take a look at the PSD Policy.