Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) has analysed General Medical Council (GMC/PMETB) training requirements for educational and clinical supervisors and as a result has established seven core training requirements that all educational supervisors must meet.

A range of training activities has been established to enable educational supervisors to meet these requirements.

Requirements 1-4

(Roles and Responsibilities, Assessments, Educational Appraisal, Educational Theory and Practice)

These are usually delivered as a one day training course organised by your local Trust.

Requirement 5

(Annual Review of Competence Progression)

This will now be available as a half day workshop upon request to Severn Education.

Requirement 6

(Equality and Diversity)

We are able to accept evidence of your local Trust training. We can accept a certificate or a screen shot to include your name. This needs to be updated every 3 years for our purposes

Requirement 7

(How to Support Trainees)

This is delivered through a series of half day courses organised by Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, or your local Trust (Please contact your Medical Education Manager for additional information). 

Please Note:

To maintain accreditation, you are also required to continue your CPD training in Education by attending a half day event every year or one whole day event every 2 years of recognised Educational events. Details can be found on Severn Postgraduate Medical Education Events